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Living a healthy lifestyle includes more than simply making healthy food choices—it also involves maintaining a level of fitness that will help your body achieve optimum levels of operation, plus regular exercise and proper sleep. We are pleased to share links to some of our favorite fitness and lifestyle sites, blogs, online tools, and apps below. If you have a great one to share, let us know!


The Right Choice For A Healthier You

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Great source for sports medicine topics that interest avid and even beginner athletes.
Free workouts whether you have equipment or not, enjoy strength or cardio, and options for the whole family!
Look for a challenge with co workers, or even to push yourself? 30 Day Fitness Challenges offer a range including plank challenges to eating more fruit and vegetables.
Struggling to lose weight? Nerd Fitness offers gaming innovations combined with easy diet and fitness plans.
Exercising safely is key, that’s what makes TrainOnline successful with hundreds of exercise videos emphasizing safety.


Ace Fitness Exercise Library -
Browse through total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body. Each comes with a detailed description and photos to help ensure proper form.

Born Fitness -
Ready for straight talk? Adam Bornstein keeps it real while addressing core fitness topics.  

FitBits -
Looking for motivation? A little humor? Don't miss this health & fitness blog from a reformed binge-eating, beer-guzzling ex-smoker on a quest for never-ending endorphins.

Run to the Finish -
Calling all runners and would-be runners. This blog is for you! Join Amanda Brooks for mistakes, tips, and motivation on the running journey.

Breaking Muscle -
This mega-blog has sections for training, nutrition, strength & conditioning and more. Written by a variety of coaches, trainers, and fitness junkies, the bloggers always have fresh, actionable advice to keep you in peak shape. -
Looking for a community of fitness? You'll find it here.

Zen to Fitness -
Adopting a healthier lifestyle is more than just exercising and eating right. Zen to Fitness shares advice on the inner journey to fitness and health.
The Culinary Institute offers cutting edge information on food including workshops, recipes and advice from top chefs!
Loaded full of recipes guaranteed to spark your interest in cooking and nutrition, includes nutrition profiles of all recipes and consumer ranking.
Grocery stores serving up nutrition, check out Whole Foods online healthy meal planning.
Rip Esselstyn provides the nutrition-based research of plant-based eating, not only for our bodies but the sustainable value to the whole planet.
Struggling to find a way to eat more fruits and vegetables? This website is for you, loaded with unlimited recipes supporting ways to increase your daily intake.
Cooking can be a snap whether you prepare all meals for the week over the weekend or need a last minute recipe after work, this website offers nutritious meals at your fingertips.
The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) provides meal ideas and fun nutrition suggestions to help lower and prevent hypertension!
Check out this great, comprehensive resource for healthy recipes and eating. Don't miss the “Favorites Made Over” section, which takes mainstays like Mac 'n Cheese and reworks them with healthy ingredient substitutions.
Cooking Light magazine's site offers recipes, community, a meal planner, and more.
Check out the world's largest nutrition and calorie database, millions of foods with complete nutrition analysis.

Need meal plans that are simple and easy to use? This is a must have app that offers nutritious recipes for the whole family

Map My Fitness
Track your fitness workouts whether at home or at the gym! Great way to keep challenging your exercise goals and efforts!

Fitness routines from strength, yoga, cardio and stretching. You pick the skill and the time, no reason to skip a workout with this handy app!

Relax Melodies
Having a hard time snoozing? Relax Melodies is your answer to getting more zzzzz’s at night.

Research based medical information you can trust and rely on, WebMD provides answers to all health topics based on quality and cutting edge medical research.

Smart Snacks in School
The Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to foods sold a la carte, in the school store, fundraisers, and vending machines.

Smart Snack Nutrition Calculator
This calculator will determine whether your snack, beverage or entree meets the Smart Snack guidelines:

RunKeeper -
GPS Running, Walking, Cycling, Workout, Pace, and Weight Tracker. Free version is robust; paid version offers additional tools.

Pacer Pedometer -
Pedometer plus Weight and BMI Management and Blood Pressure Tracker.

FitStar Yoga -
FitStar Yoga creates personalized workouts to help you increase flexibility, lose weight, and reduce stress.

CycleMeter GPS -
Cycling, running, and mountain biking tracking with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans, and more.

Pact -
Earn cash for living healthy! Make a weekly Pact for eating more fruits/veggies, logging meals, or exercising. At the end of the week, earn cash rewards for making your goals, paid by members who don’t quite make it. 

EndoMondo -
Turn your phone into a personal trainer! Endomondo tracks duration, distance, calories, and more in real-time, offers audio feedback on the way, and lets your friends peptalk you live while you’re exercising.