Top Ten Healthier Snacks

Snacking is unquestionably the downfall of many otherwise health-smart eaters. When that mid-day twinge comes, and we grab the first thing we see, we often sacrifice our nutritional objectives to feed the craving. Carmen Honnef, staff dietician for GlobalConnect®, recommends the following suggestions to consider:

(1) Trail Mix

(2) Mixed Nuts

(3) Low-fat, low-sodium Beef Sticks

(4) Granola Bars (Nature Valley, Kashi, and KIND are great picks!)

(5) 100% Fruit Juice

(6) Canned Fruit Varieties in 100% Juice

(7) Hummus and Pretzels

(8) Baked, Popped, or Reduced-Fat Chips

(9) Oatmeal to go

(10) Low-Fat Dairy Products (String Cheese, Skim Milk)

The Right Choice For A Healthier You